UAMO Brief

UAMO is a festival for visual arts located in Munich, Germany. Each year, the festival produces an open call for artists to submit their artworks. The title of UAMO festival 2007 was: IT´S ABOUT TO BLOW UP!

In 2007, together with 2 friends, we started questioning ourselves about the meaning of festivals and contests, and the meaning of the sentence “submit your work”, having both the connotations of “applying” but also of “putting yourself in a subordinated position”. At the time, we just started the Thisisaresearchinstitute project: a project in which we claim we are an institution as a form of art. We wrote to UAMO a letter from our institute where we mentioned our interest in supporting UAMO association.

UAMO reaction was of big excitement. They were constantly calling us and writing emails, probably thinking that we were intending to support them on a economical basis. When we explained that the letter itself was our own submission to the festival, our artwork was exhibited during the event.