Constantly Out of Space


A workshop of one week on the topics of Nomadism, Post-Fordism and the Sense of non-belonging. As part of my residency at Blumen, in Leipzig, Germany, I invited a group of 6 Erasmus students from HGB Leipzig to participate in an intensive week of discussions focused on the production of new artworks. Together, we discussed and questioned ourselves on the topics I proposed that reflect our common situation of living in a place we don’t belong to. The outcomes were exhibited in the opening party in the space of Residency Blumen.

Elva Olafsdottir
New Stuff etc.
“In this instance, the workshop brought about a connection with another cultural institution in the area. Namely, a bar across the street. ‚Neuer stoff‘ is an old promo poster found in that bar. A picture left in it‘s place at the bar is from the press a few years ago. It is of Varg Vikernes, the infamous norse arsonist and murderer, taken on the occasion of his parole release after 16 years in prison. The glee in his facial expression is that of a ‚new person‘.”

Mari Mäkiö
As an attempt to take over a new place, Mari drew a map of Leipzig conquering the city with her mother tongue: Finnish. Reading of the map following different routes by the artist on request.

Dominic Petru-Virtosu
“I am exhibiting the items that make-up my luggage just before I start packing for the last time. I am actually leaving the exhibition right at the end – I start packing the items slowly and carefully during the exhibition – taking my time. For each item, a photo is taken; the photo will stand on the wall as a whitness of my passing-by.”

Weronika Skonieczna
Fuck the (p)roses
“Trying to reach the perfect pattern via repetition, whilst exploring the meditative effect of the process, my thoughts went down the drain…”

Susanna Flock and Leonhard Müllner
Virtual Vacation
In the sound piece „virtual vacation“ travelers stories have been collected. The travelers are not touring through physical space, but virtual territories that they enter by playing video games. Intrigued by the digital sublime, they share their fascination of the virtual environment.

Exhibition photos: Daniel Uhlmann and Mari Mäkiö