To celebrate the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo, we collaborated with AOC architects on this three room display at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and at Tower of London. All interpretation has been arranged around a large handmade model, dating from 1838, depicting a decisive moment of the historic battle.

In collaboration with Axel Feldmann at objectif.







Losing Myself

Irish Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2016

We were honoured to have been approached by Níall McLaughlin and his team to design the website and exhibition graphics for the Irish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, themed around spatial cognition of people with dementia.

Attempting to encourage not only the expected target group of architecture and design professionals, but also demetia sufferers themselves to use the site, we developed a navigation as simple to use as possible. The icons used can be recalled from long term memory and the colour scheme is based on 1950s colours with a reduced contrast. Most importantly, the site is constructed in such a way no ‘error’ can be made – every click yields a positive result.


70×100 Workshop

A series of posters for the public space as the outcome of a workshop.


In spring 2016, in the context of a self-initiated residency programme at Museo San Domenico in my Imola, my hometown in Italy, I invited a group of design students from the University of Ferrara to a one day workshop with the goal of designing a series of posters. These poster were to be displayed around the city in an attempt to move beyond the museum walls as the sole site of exhibition. After a guided tour of the museum, the students were asked to chose an item in the collection as a starting point for their design. The outcomes were then exhibited at the museum and around town.

Marcello Raffo

Alessio Gianella

Marco Ugolini

Cecilia Murgia

Luca Filippi

Benedetta Giancristofaro

Ilaria Todeschini

Susanna Busatta

Marco Franceschini

Antonio Ballan

The posters were exhibited at Museo San Domenico, during the exhibition Residenzamuseo 01, 21/05 – 10/07/2016, as well as around town, in Imola.

Photos: Alessio Gianella, Marco Ugolini
Thanks to: Gianluca Gimini

Renato Ranaldi

Design for a special edition book dedicated to Italian contemporary artist Renato Ranaldi. Here, we decided to follow the idea of “out-of-axis”, used by this artist in his projects. We also attempted to reflect a certain 70s look in the publication, since it collects texts, photos and video stills from three projects initiated by Ranaldi in those years, and re-presented at Villa Romana, in 2014.

In collaboration with objectif.
Published by Villa Romana, Firenze and Argobooks, Berlin.

OU – Meanza & De

Graphic design for electronic music album released for AUT Records by Berlin based duo Meanza & De.
Enjoy a few of the tracks at: www.autrecords.com

Villa Romana Premiati 2014

For the sixth rendition of the yearbook of the Villa Romana fellows, Ei Arakawa, Natalie Czech, Loretta Fahrenholz, Petrit Halilaj, Sergei Tcherepnin and Alvaro Urbano we opted for a collection of publications that had no relation to one another. This diverse collection was held together merely by the screenprinted shrink-wrap, which once opened can no longer be re-used.

Edited by Angelika Stepken
Published by argobooks, Berlin

In collaboration with Axel Feldmann at objectif.

Reading Room Companion

To accompany the Wellcome Collection’s new space, the Reading Room, in London, UK, we compiled a book to provide in depth information of the diverse objects that are featured in the exhibition. Its design evokes a feel of 19th century Enlightenment encyclopedia, with the enthusiasm and spirit of the new that came with it.

Written and edited by Anna Faherty
232pp, hardcover, English

In collaboration with Axel Feldmann at objectif.